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Thermal Interface Materials

The following table shows a sampling of what's available in thermal interface
materials (TIMs) and includes greases, epoxies, and pads. It is sorted by
thermal conductivity, but this is not the only parameter of concern. When
selecting a TIM consider:

Data on common metals, ceramics, and gases are included for comparison.

Manufacturer Model Claimed Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)  Design  Web site for more information
  Silver 429    
  Copper 401   (Pure copper is difficult to machine.)
  Tellurium Copper 350   (Easy to machine copper alloy.)
  Gold 318    
  BeO (99.5%) 260 Ceramic  
  Aluminum 237 Pure  
  6061-T6 Aluminum 167 Common alloy.  
Indium Corporation Indium (100%) 86
  63/37 Solder 51    
  Al2O3 (99.5%) 36 Ceramic  
Indium Corporation Indium/Tin Solder 35
  Kovar 17    
Chemtronics CW7100 Silver Conductive Grease 7.2 Silver filled silicone grease
Laird TSI-PAL-119-135 6.2 Paraffin/Al pad
Laird  T-pli 6 Boron nitride silicone sheet
Melcor GRF-119-135 5 Graphite pad
Melcor TG-005 4 AlN filled non-silicone grease
Melcor TCE-004 3.6 AlN filled epoxy
Melcor ADI-ALN-600-600 3.6 AlN filled pad
Melcor TSI-ALN-600-600 3.6 AlN pad
Bergquist Sil-Pad 2000 3.5 Silicone/fiberglass pad
Bergquist Gap Pad 3000 3.0 Adhesive polymer sheet
Laird T-dux II 3 Silicone sheet
Shin-Etsu MicroSi X23-7762 Thermal Grease 6
AOS 54012 Silicone HTC-61 2.58
AOS 52031 Non-Silicone HTC-60 2.51
Laird Sil-Less 431 2.51 Non-silicone grease
Laird  T-Grease 401 2.5-3
Bergquist Sil-Pad 1500 2.0 Silicone/fiberglass pad
Melcor TG-003 2 Al2O3 / Non-Silicone
Outlaw Copper Thermal Paste 1.97 Cu filled silicone grease.  
AOS 54010 Silicone HTC 1.82
Melcor TCE-003 1.73 Al2O3 filled epoxy
Melcor ADI-ALO-119-135 1.7 Al2O3 filled pad
AOS 52029 Non-Silicone HTC 1.68
Melcor TCE-001 1.35 Silver filled epoxy
Bergquist Sil-Pad 1000 1.2 Silicone/fiberglass pad
Outlaw Aluminum Thermal Grease 1.08 Al filled silicone grease  
Timtronics TIM-411 Heat Sink Compound 0.8 Non-silicone, for peltier modules.
Tribology Tech-Lube TTL-HSC-S 0.77 Metal oxide/silicone
Tribology Tech-Lube TTL-HSC-NS 0.77 Metal oxide/synthetic fluid
Melcor TG-001 0.74 Zinc Oxide/Silicone Based
AOS 54013 Silicone Heat Sink Compound 0.73
Foamseal/Novagard G641 0.73 ZnO & silica in silicone grease
Specialty Silicone Products SSP-1405 0.73 Silicone based
Techspray 1978 Silicone Free Heat Sink Compound 0.7 ZnO
AOS 52022 Non-Silicone Heat Sink Compound 0.7
GC 10-8120 Non-silicone Heat Sink Compound (Type 44) 0.7    
M.G. Chemicals 860 Silicone Heat Transfer Compound 0.66 ZnO in silicone
Foamseal/Novagard G644 0.66 ZnO & silica in silicone grease
Insulcast Insulgrease SG 841 0.63
  Water 0.609    
3M 9885 Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 0.43    
Radio Shack (GC Thorsen) 276-1372 Heat Sink Compound 0.42 ZnO in silicone  
Chemtronics CT40-5 Heat Sink Grease ? ZnO & silica in silicone grease
GC 10-8109 Silicone Heat Sink Compound  ?    
Wakefield 126 Thermal Compound  ? ZnO in Polyol Ester  
  Air 0.026    
  Nitrogen 0.025    

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