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Thermoelectric Raw Materials & Processors


5N Plus, Fairfield CT
203-384-0331, FAX 203-368-4082
Supplier of raw materials for manufacturing
thermoelectric devices (Bi & Te).

ADV-Engineering, Moscow Russia
+7 (499) 788-96-17, FAX +7 (499) 788-91-53
Manufactures Bismuth Telluride ingots & pellets.

EVERREDtronics, Shanghai China
+86 21 6531 0544, FAX +86 21 6531 1544
Manufactures thermoelectric power generators, peltier coolers,
Bismuth Telluride ingots & pellets.

GIRMET, Moscow Russia
(7 495) 956-0918, FAX (7 495) 956-4944
Supplier of Bismuth Telluride ingots & wafers.

Hangzhou Aurin Cooling Device, Hangzhou Zhejiang China
86-571-88045180, FAX 86-571-88042205
Manufacture peltier module ingots, pellets.

Merit Technology Group, Shenzhen China
0086-755-28583356, FAX 0086-755-28580892
Manufactures thermoelectric raw materials: Te, Bi, Se, Sb, ceramic
plates, pellets, crystalbar.

SCI Engineered Materials, Columbus OH
800-346-6567, 614-486-0261, FAX 614-486-0912
Bismuth Telluride targets.

Taicang TE Cooler, Taicang City, Jiangsu China
86-512-53426033, FAX 86-512-53429412
Peltier module manufacturer, plus TE material ingots, wafers & elements.

Thermonamic Electronics, Nanchang, Jiangxi, P.R. China
86-791-88198288, FAX 86-791-88198308
Manufactures Bi2Te3 ingots for cooling & power generation, PbTe
Lead Telluride ingots for power generation.

Wellen Technology, Shenzhen China
86-755-29958782, FAX 86-755-29926257
Thermoelectric raw materials: Te, Bi, Se, Sb,
ceramic plates & Peltier modules.

Zentrix Technologies, Newburyport MA
800-735-6643, 978-462-9361, FAX 978-463-1760
Manufacturer of metallized alumina and beryllia (BeO).


American Precision Dicing, San Jose CA
408-254-1600, FAX 408-254-0999
Wafer dicing., Tempe AZ
Expert consulting and design for wafer bumping, flip-chip bumping,
wafer level packaging. Mask sets and mask set design services.

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