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Introduction, Application Tips, Relevant Links, Useful Resources.

Peltier Device Manufacturers_Peltier Device Manufacturers
All known thermoelectric module manufacturers.

Hot New Products_Hot New Products
Showcasing significant, innovative, & high value products of the thermoelectric industry.

Thermoelectric Power Generators_Thermoelectric Power Generators
Links to thermoelectric power generator manufacturers & FAQs.

Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits_Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits
Thermoelectric development kits for experimenters, students, educators, etc.

Surplus Peltier Device Sources_Surplus Peltier Device Sources
Where to buy one or two.

Thermoelectric Consultants_Thermoelectric Consultants
Expert help in thermal management, thermoelectric product design, troubleshooting.

Peltier-based Products_Peltier-based Products
Consumer, Industrial & Scientific products employing thermoelectrics.

Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors_Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors
Bi, Te, wafers, ingots, crystals, etc.

Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations_Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations
Thermoelectric modules & their construction.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)_Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
Thermally conductive greases, pads and epoxies.

Essential thermoelectricity-related books_Essential thermoelectricity-related books.
The best thermoelectricity-related books.

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Accessories - Power Supplies, Controllers, Test Equipment, Heat Sinks.

TE Controllers

Accuthermo Technology, Fremont CA
Markets TEC temperature controllers.

Analog Devices, Norwood MA
800-262-5643, 781-329-4700, FAX 781-461-3113
ADN8831 & LTC1923 thermoelectric cooler (TEC) controller ICs.

Analog Technologies, Sunnyvale CA
408-747-9760, FAX 404-747-9770
Thermoelectric cooler controllers - DIP & surface mount.

Arroyo Instruments, Grover Beach CA
800-644-0416, 805-481-6684, FAX 805-481-6628
Manufactures peltier cooler temperature controllers.

Cooltronic, Rossruti Switzerland
(0)71 952 79 92, FAX 71 952 79 90
Developing & manufacturing of Peltier-Controllers,
standard models encased with display, customized for OEMs.

Electron Dynamics, Southampton Hampshire UK
+44(0)23 8048 0800, FAX +44(0)23 8048 0801
Integrated thermal assemblies, temperature controllers.

Ferrotec, Bedford NH
603-472-6800, FAX 603-472-2511
Manufactures thermoelectric temperature controllers, panel mount,
H-bridge amplifiers.

Honortronics, New Caney TX
Peltier controller engineering & design.

Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale CA
408-737-7600, FAX 408-737-7194
Peltier thermoelectric controller driver ICs.

McShane, Medina OH
330-725-4568, FAX 330-723-2591
Manufactures thermoelectric module temperature controllers.

Newport, Irvine CA
800-222-6440, 949-863-3144, FAX 949-253-1680
Thermoelectric module temperature controllers.

OTE International, Athens TX
888-666-9361, 903-677-1661, FAX 903-677-8888
Peltier module assembly & temperature controller manufacturer.

Oven Industries, Mechanicsburg PA
717-766-0721, FAX 717-766-4786
Thermoelectric module temperature controller.

Signal Consulting, Edgewater MD
410-224-8429, FAX 410-510-1821
Manufactures thermoelectric module temperature controller boards.

TE Technology, Traverse City MI
231-929-3966, FAX 231-929-4163
Thermoelectric (peltier) module temperature controllers.
Board level, bipolar.

Texas Instruments, Dallas TX
972-644-5580, FAX 972-927-6377
Thermoelectric cooler drivers.

ThermOptics, Carson City NV
775-882-7721, FAX 775-882-7675
Thermoelectric module temperature controllers.

Thorlabs, Newton NJ
973-579-7227, FAX 973-300-3600
Laser diode mounts with TE cooling, Laser diode thermoelectric
temperature controllers.

uwe electronic, Unterhaching Germany
(0)89 4411 900, FAX (0)89 4411 9029
Peltier module distributor, manufactures TE assemblies,
peltier temperature controllers, temperature management consulting.

Wavelength Electronics, Bozeman MT
406-587-4910, FAX 406-587-4911
Thermoelectric module temperature controllers.

TE Power Supplies

OTE International, Athens TX
888-666-9361, 903-677-1661, FAX 903-677-8888
Power supply & power cord manufacturer
for the high volume consumer TE products.

Test Equipment

Keithley Instruments, Cleveland OH
800-552-1115, 440-248-0400, FAX 440-248-6168
Model 2510 TEC SourceMeter for controlling & testing
diode laser TE coolers.

Long Win Science & Technology, Taiwan
886-3-464-3221, FAX 886-3-496-1307
Thermal conductivity tester & CPU Thermal Impedance tester.

RMT Ltd, Moscow Russia
7-495-132-6817, FAX 7-499-783-3664
Manufactures Z-meters and other measuring devices for TE modules.

Vlant, Chernivtsi Ukraine
+(38 050) 255 77 74, FAX +(380 372) 51 54 89
Measurement, research & testing of TEC/TEG & materials,
customized test equipment.

Heat Sinks

Thermonamic Electronics, Nanchang, Jiangxi, P.R. China
86-791-88198288, FAX 86-791-88198308
Manufactures heat sinks & heat pipes for thermoelectric applications.

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