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Introduction, Application Tips, Relevant Links, Useful Resources.

Peltier Device Manufacturers_Peltier Device Manufacturers
All known thermoelectric module manufacturers.

Thermoelectric Power Generators_Thermoelectric Power Generators
Links to thermoelectric power generator manufacturers & FAQs.

Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits_Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits
Thermoelectric development kits for experimenters, students, educators, etc.

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Where to buy one or two.

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Power Supplies, Thermoelectric controllers, Thermoelectric test equipment.

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Expert help in thermal management, thermoelectric product design, troubleshooting.

Peltier-based Products_Peltier-based Products
Consumer, Industrial & Scientific products employing thermoelectrics.

Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors_Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors
Bi, Te, wafers, ingots, crystals, etc.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)_Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
Thermally conductive greases, pads and epoxies.

Essential thermoelectricity-related books_Essential thermoelectricity-related books.
The best thermoelectricity-related books.

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Three Peltier modules - a medium-sized Tellurex and two small Melcor modules.

Image of three Peltier modules

Inside of a 127 couple module.

Image of inside of a thermoelectric module

Close-up of inside of a module. Note metallized connecting bars on ceramic
plate on the left. These serve to connect all of the couples in series.

Close-up of inside of a thermoelectric module.

A test fixture using four Peltier modules for
rapid cooling of a cylindrical object.

Image of a test fixture using four Peltier modules.

A Peltier-cooled fixture for testing semiconductor devices.
A tight-fitting cover (not shown) allows a dry nitrogen flush.

Image of a Peltier-cooled fixture for testing semiconductor devices.

Peltier Effect Thermoelectric Cooler Diagram:
Diagram of a Peltier Module.

Peltier Effect Animation:
Animation of the Peltier Effect.

Seebeck Effect Thermoelectric Power Generator Animation:
Animation of the Seebeck Effect.

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