Peltier Device Information Directory

(Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater/Generator Modules)

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Q: How are listings selected for this directory?

A: We're looking for manufacturers of thermoelectricity-related
   products such as peltier modules, thermoelectric power
   generating equipment, peltier module controllers,
   thermoelectric module test equipment, products employing
   peltier modules, resellers of peltier modules, etc.
   Non-US companies are very welcome.  One listing per company,
   list your main headquarters only. Spammers will be banned,
   as well as those posting excessive newsgroup announcements.
   Although we admire our crazy overclocker friends, this directory
   is intended for OEMs, engineers and scientists.
   The decision of the judge is final.

To submit a listing email the following info to s j n o l l @ i x . n e t c o m . c o m :

  1. Company name. (No "Inc", "Co", "Ltd" etc. No street address.)
  2. City, State/Province, Country (if not U.S.).
  3. One toll-free voice number, if you have one.
  4. One Non toll-free voice number. (Needed by non-US callers!)
  5. One FAX number.
  6. Specify best category: Peltier module manufacturer, Peltier module
    distributor, thermoelectric power generators, thermoelectric test
    equipment, supplier of raw materials for manufacturing thermoelectric
    products, peltier controllers, products using thermoelectric cooling, etc.
  7. A BRIEF description of what you do, ten to twelve words.
  8. Email address you would like listed - please be certain about spelling!
  9. Web Page URL, if you have one - but DO NOT submit a URL
    that isn't yet fully operational!
  10. How did you hear about this web site?

If you don't answer ALL of the questions - you don't get listed!


It is YOUR responsibility to keep this information updated!


NOTE: Once a year we will send you an email requesting
verification of your listing information. Please respond
to that email promptly or your listing will be deleted!
If email to you bounces back, is reported 'deleted not read'
or is blocked by an antispam program, your listing will be deleted.
Maintaining a valid functioning email address with us is a condition
of being listed on

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