Thermoelectric Peltier Device Information Directory

Peltier Device Information Directory

(Thermoelectric Cooler/Heater/Generator Modules)

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General Information on Peltier Thermoelectric (Cooler/Heater) Devices_General Information on Peltier Thermoelectric (Cooler/Heater) Devices
Introduction, Application Tips, Relevant Links, Useful Resources.

Peltier Device Manufacturers_Peltier Device Manufacturers
All known thermoelectric module manufacturers.

Thermoelectric Power Generators_Thermoelectric Power Generators
Links to thermoelectric power generator manufacturers & FAQs.

Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits_Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits
Thermoelectric development kits for experimenters, students, educators, etc.

Surplus Peltier Device Sources_Surplus Peltier Device Sources
Where to buy one or two.

Peltier Device Support & Accessories_Peltier Device Support & Accessories
Power Supplies, Thermoelectric controllers, Thermoelectric test equipment.

Thermoelectric Consultants_Thermoelectric Consultants
Expert help in thermal management, thermoelectric product design, troubleshooting.

Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors_Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors
Bi, Te, wafers, ingots, crystals, etc.

Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations_Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations
Thermoelectric modules & their construction.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)_Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
Thermally conductive greases, pads and epoxies.

Essential thermoelectricity-related books_Essential thermoelectricity-related books.
The best thermoelectricity-related books.

Thermal Design & Analysis Software_Thermal Design & Analysis Software.

Privacy Policy_Privacy Policy
Who you are and where you have been is none of our business!

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Peltier-Based Products

Advanced Photonix, Camarillo CA
Thermoelectrically cooled silicon avalanche
photodiodes for ultra low light level detection.

Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment, Bejing China
Manufactures thermoelectric heating/cooling pads.

BioCold Environmental, Fenton MO
Manufacturer of FDA/ICH stability chambers using
thermoelectric cooling & ultrasonic humidification.

Caframo, Ontario Canada
800-567-3556, 519-534-1080
Ecofan thermoelectrically powered air circulation fans.
Typically powered from waste heat from a stove top.

Coleman, Wichita KS
Portable thermoelecric coolers.

CustomChill, Philadelphia PA
Thermoelectric chillers & heaters, standard & custom.

Darwin Chambers, St. Louis MO
Thermoelectric cooled stability chambers.

Electron Dynamics, Southampton Hampshire UK
+44(0)2380 361 768
Integrated thermal assemblies, temperature controllers.

Elite Thermal Engineering, Bothell WA
Thermoelectric cooled cold plates for lasers.

Fluke Calibration (Formerly Hart Scientific), American Fork UT
Peltier thermoelectric temperature controlled calibration bath (7108).

INHECO, Germany
+49 89 899593-120
Cold plates, liquid chillers, air conditioners for OEMs.

Instec, Boulder CO
Thermoelectric temperature controlled microscope stages.

Melcor Laird, Cleveland OH
Recirculating chillers & enclosure air conditioners.

MoreBeer, Concord CA
800-600-0033, 925-671-4958
TEC cooled stainless conical fermenters for brewing beer.

Pfannenberg, Hamburg Germany
+49 40 73412-0
Manufactures peltier cooling units for electrical enclosures.

Solid State Cooling Systems, Pleasant Valley NY
Thermoelectric temperature control products for semiconductor,
medical & military applications.

Tek-Temp Instruments, Croydon PA
800-259-4212, 215-788-5528
Recirculating chillers.

Termo-Gen, Gotland Sweden
Air-Air, Air-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid chillers. Manufacturing and

Thermal Electronics, Aurora Ontario Canada
800-769-2395, 905-751-1362
Manufactures & distributes thermoelectric coolers & power generator
assemblies & modules, appliances for cooling & heating, POS coolers.

Thermoelectric Equipment, Paderno Dugnano, Milano, Italy
0039 320 414 415 9
Thermal management of enclosures through control of heating & cooling.

ThermoTek, Flower Mound TX
877-242-3232, 972-874-4949
Manufactures thermoelectric chillers,
heat exchangers and enclosure coolers.

Thorlabs, Newton NJ
Laser diode mounts with TE cooling, Laser diode thermoelectric
temperature controllers.

Top-Cool, Maasbree The Netherlands
0031 77 465 0142
Manufacturer of highly efficient direct water cooled
peltier assemblies/cool-engines.

Torrey Pines Scientific, San Marcos CA
866-573-9104, 760-471-9100
Manufacturer of Peltier based biotech laboratory equipment,
chilling/heating incubators & chilling/heating blocks.

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