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Peltier Device Information Directory

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General Information on Peltier Thermoelectric (Cooler/Heater) Devices_General Information on Peltier Thermoelectric (Cooler/Heater) Devices
Introduction, Application Tips, Relevant Links, Useful Resources.

Peltier Device Manufacturers_Peltier Device Manufacturers
All known thermoelectric module manufacturers.

Hot New Products_Hot New Products
Showcasing significant, innovative, & high value products of the thermoelectric industry.

Thermoelectric Power Generators_Thermoelectric Power Generators
Links to thermoelectric power generator manufacturers & FAQs.

Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits_Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits
Thermoelectric development kits for experimenters, students, educators, etc.

Surplus Peltier Device Sources_Surplus Peltier Device Sources
Where to buy one or two.

Peltier Device Support & Accessories_Peltier Device Support & Accessories
Power Supplies, Thermoelectric controllers, Thermoelectric test equipment.

Thermoelectric Consultants_Thermoelectric Consultants
Expert help in thermal management, thermoelectric product design, troubleshooting.

Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors_Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors
Bi, Te, wafers, ingots, crystals, etc.

Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations_Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations
Thermoelectric modules & their construction.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)_Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
Thermally conductive greases, pads and epoxies.

Essential thermoelectricity-related books_Essential thermoelectricity-related books.
The best thermoelectricity-related books.

Thermal Design & Analysis Software_Thermal Design & Analysis Software.

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Peltier-Based Products

Advanced Photonix, Camarillo CA
805-987-0146, FAX 805-484-9935
Thermoelectrically cooled silicon avalanche
photodiodes for ultra low light level detection.

Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment, Bejing China
0086-10-60279549, FAX 0086-10-60275767
Manufactures thermoelectric water coolers, heating/cooling pads.

BioCold Environmental, Fenton MO
636-349-0300, FAX 636-349-0419
Manufacturer of FDA/ICH stability chambers using
thermoelectric cooling & ultrasonic humidification.

Caframo, Wiarton Ontario Canada
800-567-3556, 519-534-1080, FAX 519-534-1088
Ecofan thermoelectrically powered air circulation fans.
Typically powered from waste heat from a stove top.

Coleman, Wichita KS
Portable thermoelecric coolers.

CustomChill, Philadelphia PA
215-676-7600, FAX 215-676-0252
Thermoelectric chillers & heaters, standard & custom.

Darwin Chambers, St. Louis MO
877-783-6774, 314-771-3111, FAX 314-771-4611
Thermoelectric cooled stability chambers.

EIC Solutions, Warminster PA
800-497-4524, 215-443-5190, FAX 215-443-9564
Thermoelectric air conditioner manufacturer.

Electron Dynamics, Southampton Hampshire UK
+44(0)23 8048 0800, FAX +44(0)23 8048 0801
Integrated thermal assemblies, temperature controllers.

Elite Thermal Engineering, Bothell WA
425-770-8147, FAX 425-485-0486
Thermoelectric cooled cold plates for lasers.

Fluke Calibration (Formerly Hart Scientific), American Fork UT
Peltier thermoelectric temperature controlled calibration bath (7108).

INHECO, Munich Germany
+49(0)898 9577-304, FAX +49(0)898 9577-330
Cold plates, liquid chillers, air conditioners for OEMs.

Instec, Boulder CO
303-444-4608, FAX 303-444-4607
Thermoelectric temperature controlled microscope stages.

Melcor Laird, Cleveland OH
216-939-2300, FAX 216-939-2310
Recirculating chillers & enclosure air conditioners.

MoreBeer, Concord CA
800-600-0033, 925-671-4958, FAX 925-671-4978
TEC cooled stainless conical fermenters for brewing beer.

Pfannenberg, Hamburg Germany
+49 40 73412-0, FAX +49 40 73412 101
Manufactures peltier cooling units for electrical enclosures.

Solid State Cooling Systems, Pleasant Valley NY
845-635-5500, FAX 845-635-8081
Thermoelectric temperature control products for semiconductor,
medical & military applications.

Tek-Temp Instruments, Croydon PA
800-259-4212, 215-788-5528, FAX 215-788-7737
Recirculating chillers.

Termo-Gen, Larbro Gotland Sweden
+46 708 207534
Air-Air, Air-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid chillers. Manufacturing and

Thermal Electronics, Aurora Ontario Canada
800-769-2395, 905-751-1362, FAX 905-751-1364
Manufactures & distributes thermoelectric coolers & power generator
assemblies & modules, appliances for cooling & heating, POS coolers.

Thermoelectric Equipment, Paderno Dugnano, Milano, Italy
0039 320 414 415 9, FAX 0039 028 724 867 0
Thermal management of enclosures through control of heating & cooling.

ThermoTek, Flower Mound TX
877-242-3232, 972-874-4949, FAX 972-874-4945
Manufactures thermoelectric chillers,
heat exchangers and enclosure coolers.

Thorlabs, Newton NJ
973-579-7227, FAX 973-300-3600
Laser diode mounts with TE cooling, Laser diode thermoelectric
temperature controllers.

Top-Cool, Maasbree The Netherlands
0031 77 465 0142, FAX 0031 77 465 0143
Manufacturer of highly efficient direct water cooled
peltier assemblies/cool-engines.

Torrey Pines Scientific, San Marcos CA
866-573-9104, 760-471-9100, FAX 760-471-9310
Manufacturer of Peltier based biotech laboratory equipment,
chilling/heating incubators & chilling/heating blocks.

Trio-Tech International, Van Nuys CA
818-787-7000, FAX 818-787-9130
Thermoelectrically cooled semiconductor wafer testing chucks.

Tropicool Thermoelectric Refrigeration, Christchurch, New Zealand
+64 3 365-0406, FAX +64 3 365-0407
Manufactures thermoelectric water coolers and refrigeration units.

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