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General Information on Peltier Thermoelectric (Cooler/Heater) Devices_General Information on Peltier Thermoelectric (Cooler/Heater) Devices
Introduction, Application Tips, Relevant Links, Useful Resources.

Thermoelectric Power Generators_Thermoelectric Power Generators
Links to thermoelectric power generator manufacturers & FAQs.

Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits_Peltier Demonstration, Familiarization, and Prototyping Kits
Thermoelectric development kits for experimenters, students, educators, etc.

Surplus Peltier Device Sourc_Surplus Peltier Device Sources
Where to buy one or two.

Peltier Device Support & Accessories_Peltier Device Support & Accessories
Power Supplies, Thermoelectric controllers, Thermoelectric test equipment.

Thermoelectric Consultants_Thermoelectric Consultants
Expert help in thermal management, thermoelectric product design, troubleshooting.

Peltier-based Products_Peltier-based Products
Consumer, Industrial & Scientific products employing thermoelectrics.

Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors_Peltier Device Raw Material Suppliers & Processors
Bi, Te, wafers, ingots, crystals, etc.

Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations_Peltier Photos, Diagrams, Thermoelectric Animations
Thermoelectric modules & their construction.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)_Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
Thermally conductive greases, pads and epoxies.

Essential thermoelectricity-related books_Essential thermoelectricity-related books.
The best thermoelectricity-related books.

Thermal Design & Analysis Softwar_Thermal Design & Analysis Software.

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Manufacturers & Distributors

3 Stone, Milpitas CA
Distributes Chinese manufactured thermoelectric cooler modules.

Align Sourcing, Hamilton NJ
877-888-5535, 609-375-8550, FAX 609-964-1540
Distributes thermoelectric modules, elements (pellets),
& assemblies, contract manufacturing and sourcing.

Alflex Techniek B.V., Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
+31 79 362 0000
We develop & manufacture standard & custom thermoelectric coolers.

AMS Technologies, Germany
+49(0)89 895 77-0
Distributes Peltier modules & controllers. Design & manufacturing
of thermoelectric assemblies & complete cooling sytems.

Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment, Bejing China
Manufactures thermoelectric cooling modules, single stage, multistage,
micro-modules, & thermoelectric assemblies.

China Hicool, Xiamen China
86-592-5928862, FAX 86-592-5928860
Manufacturer of thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric assemblies,
thermoelectric power generator modules, & systems.

Cidete Ingenieros SL, Barcelona Spain
Peltier module distributor.

Custom Thermoelectric, Bishopville MD
443-926-9135, FAX 443-926-9137
U.S. manufacturer of TEC's with temps to 225C,
custom sizes, shapes, & prototype assemblies.

Engineering and Production Company INTERM, Chernivtsi Ukraine
+(380)-3722-44904, FAX +(380)-3722-44904
Design & production of single-stage, multistage & micro-modules.

EVERREDtronics, Shanghai China
+86 (21)6049 5160
Manufactures thermoelectric power generators, peltier coolers,
Bismuth Telluride ingots & pellets.

Ferrotec, Santa Clara CA
Manufactures thermoelectric modules.
Single & multi stage units, silicone edge seal available.
Operating temperatures as high as 200C.

Gentherm Global Power Technologies, Calgary Alberta Canada
403-236-5556, FAX 403-236-5575
Manufactures Lead Tin-Telluride thermoelectric power generators.

Guang Dong Fuxin Electronic Technology, Guangdong China
86-757-28819622, 0757-28812666
Manufactures thermoelectric modules, wine coolers, refrigerators.

Hangzhou Aurin Cooling Device, Hangzhou Zhejiang China
Manufacture peltier module, ingot, pellets and related products.

Hebei IT Shanghai, Shanghai China
+86-21-58526062, FAX +86-21-58523251
Peltier module manufacturer.

Hi-Z Technology, San Diego CA
Manufactures thermoelectric power generator modules.

Inb Products / Watronix, West Hills CA
818-288-4390, FAX 818-704-8829
Sells thermoelectric modules.

ISA IMPEX, Bangalore India
+91-080-25285512, FAX +91-080-25280706
Distributes Melcor thermoelectric products.

KELK / Komatsu Electronics, Kanagawa-ken Japan
81-463-22-8724, FAX 81-463-22-3692
Manufactures Bismuth Telluride thermoelectric modules, contollers,
cold & hot plates, isothermal baths, gas dehumidifiers.

Laird Technologies (formerly Melcor), Cleveland OH
216-939-2300, FAX 216-939-2310
Single & multistage TE coolers (to 200C).

Laser Optronic, Milan Italy
+39 02 57.46.51, FAX +39 02
Distributes Melcor TE Coolers, heatsinks, fans, temperature
controllers, chillers, engineering support.

Marlow Industries, Dallas TX
214-340-4900, FAX 214-341-5212
Manufactures single & multi stage thermoelectric modules.

Merit Technology Group, Shenzhen China
0086-755-28583356, FAX 0086-755-28580892
Manufactures thermoelectric cooler modules, TE generator modules,
thermoelectric raw materials, assemblies.

Meshkat Noor, Tehran Iran
+98-021-44224761, 09124247529, FAX +98-021-44224761
Peltier module distributor.

Micropelt, Freiburg Germany
+49 (0) 761 156 337 0, FAX +49 (0) 761 156 337 21
Thin film peltier module manufacturer.

Nucletron Technologies GmbH
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
+49-(0)89-149002-0, FAX +49-(0)89-149002-11
Peltier module distributor, manufacturer of thermoelectric
heating/cooling assemblies, thermoelectric power
generators/energy harvesting, peltier temperature controllers,
thermal management consulting.

NewMark International, Alhambra CA
626-429-1567, FAX 626-572-9041
Distributor of Chinese manufactured thermoelectric cooling modules.

OTE International, Athens TX
Peltier module assembly & temperature controller manufacturer.

P&N Technology (Xiamen), China
+86 592 352 1988, FAX +86 592 352 1989
Thermoelectric module & assembly manufacturer
providing customized thermal solutions.

Qinhuangdao Fulianjing Electronics, Hebei China
+86-355-5909182, FAX +86-355-5909140
Peltier module & assemblies manufacturer.

QUICK-OHM Kuepper, Wuppertal Germany
+49-(0)202-4043-22, FAX +49-(0)202-4043-50
Peltier module distributor & system integrator,
heat transfer peripherals, thermoelectric power generators.

S&PF Modul, Kiev Ukraine
(+38 044) 593 87 40, FAX (+38 044) 593 87 46
Manufactures & designs thermoelectric modules,
TE cooling/heating sub-assemblies.

Sheetak, Austin TX
Cooling and power generating thermoelectrics.

SiTele, Walnut CA
Exclusive US distributor for Kryotherm
TECs, TGMs, assemblies, & generators.

Taihuaxing Trading/Thermonamic Electronics, Xiamen China
+86-592-5714012, FAX +86-592-5714010
Manufacturer of thermoelectric cooling & power generating modules.

TEC Microsystems, Berlin Germany
+49 30 6789 3314, FAX +49 30 6789 3315
Distributes Peltier modules, micro-coolers, TE assemblies,
TE cooling solutions, Z-Meters.

Termo-Gen, Gotland Sweden
High temperature TEG module development & manufacturing.
Peltier module distributor.

TE Technology, Traverse City MI
Manufactures thermoelectric cooler modules, assemblies,
temperature controllers, TE module test systems.

Thermal Electronics, Aurora Ontario Canada
800-769-2395, 905-751-1362, FAX 905-751-1364
Manufactures & distributes thermoelectric coolers & power generator
assemblies & modules, appliances for cooling & heating, POS coolers.

Thermion, Odessa Ukraine
+380(482)63-8324, FAX +380(48)760-1834
Manufactures thermoelectric cooler modules.

Thermix, Kyiv Ukraine
+380 44 464 1566
Manufacturer of single & multistage TE coolers (to 200C).

Thermonamic Electronics, Nanchang, Jiangxi, P.R. China
86-791-88198288, FAX 86-791-88198308
Manufacture Peltier modules for cooling & power generation,
thermoelectric power generators, ingots.

Tybang, Camas WA
360-213-6426, FAX 360-761-4087
Distributes peltier modules & controllers.

uwe electronic, Unterhaching Germany
+49 89 4411 900
Peltier module distributor, manufactures TE assemblies,
peltier temperature controllers, temperature management consulting.

Wellen Technology, Shenzhen China
86-755-29958782, FAX 86-755-29926257
Manufacture of Peltier modules, thermoelectric generating modules,
thermoelectric products. including BiTe, Be, Te, & other materials.

WeTec, Gallarate VA Italy
+39 0331 701176, FAX +39 0331 244042
Peltier module, heatsink, & thermal interface material representative.

Z-Max, Tokyo Japan
+81-3-5408-9610, +81-3-5408-9641
Peltier module & assemblies manufacturer.

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