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Image of Bismuth Telluride for Thermoelectric Applications
Bismuth Telluride for Thermoelectric Applications

by Raja Mannam
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
84 pages.

From the publisher:

"Thermoelectric conversion has been an active research area from the past decade, with potential applications in electric generation from waste heat and thermoelectric cooling. This book presents insights into the electrodeposition and thermoelectric characterization of BiTe (bismuth telluride) thermoelectric thin films and nanowires. Also, for the first time, the novel idea of using BiTe nanowires for thermoelectric cooling of giant magneto resistance (GMR) nanowires is reported. Along with the fundamentals of thermoelectric phenomenon, a review of various bulk and low dimensional thermoelectric materials, which are currently under investigation by several research groups, is presented. Hence, this book can serve as a starting point to researchers as well as to the students interested in the field of thermoelectrics."

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