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Cooling Techniques For Electronic Equipment

by Dave S. Steinberg
Publisher: Wiley
512 pages

From the publisher:
"Details infallible techniques for designing electronic hardware to
withstand severe thermal environments. Using both SI and English units
throughout, it presents methods for the development of various reliable
offers mathematical modeling applications, using analog resistor
networks, to provide the breakup of complex systems into numerous
individual thermal resistors and nodes for those who prefer high-speed
digital computer solutions to thermal problems."

Table Of Contents:
* Evaluating the Cooling Requirements.
* Designing the Electronic Chassis.
* Conduction Cooling for Chassis and Circuit Boards.
* Mounting and Cooling Techniques for Electronic Components.
* Practical Guides for Natural Convection and Radiation Cooling.
* Forced-Air Cooling for Electronics.
* Thermal Stresses in Lead Wires, Solder Joints, and Plated Throughholes.
* Predicting the Fatigue Life in Thermal Cycling and Vibration Environment.
* Transient Cooling for Electronic Systems.
* Special Applications for Tough Cooling Jobs.
* Effective Cooling for Large Racks and Cabinets.
* Finite Element Methods for Mathematical Modeling.
* Environmental Stress Screening Techniques.
* References.
* Index.

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