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Thermoelectrics: Basic Principles and New Materials Developments.
Nolas, Sharp & Goldsmid
Published 2001 by Springer-Verlag.
300 pages, Hardcover.

From the publisher:
"This book is intended to serve as an in-depth analysis of thermoelectric
theory, an overview of present day thermoelectric materials and devices,
and as an updated source of information on the most studied recent
thermoelectric materials developments. The main emphasis is on a basic
understanding of the concepts and experimental techniques needed to propel
researchers towards new and novel classes of thermoelectric materials with
enhanced properties. The aim is to assist researchers in the field.
The text is an expanded edition of a previous text "Electronic Refrigeration"
by one of the authors, Julian Goldsmid. Half of the text is devoted to
research that has taken place since the publication of that text.
In addition, emphasis is placed on new materials research and developments."

Table of Contents

1 Historical Development
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Thermoelectric and Thermomagnetic Phenomena
1.3 Peltier Cooling and the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit
1.4 Efficiency of Thermoelectric Power Generation
1.5 Ettingshausen Cooling and the Thermomagnetic Figure of Merit

2 Transport of Heat and Electricity in Solids
2.1 Crystalline Solids
2.2 Heat Conduction by the Lattice
2.3 Band Theory of Solids
2.4 Electron Transport in a Zero Magnetic Field
2.5 Effect of a Magnetic Field
2.6 Nonparabolic Bands
2.7 Phonon Drag

3 Selection and Optimization Criteria
3.1 Selection Criteria for Thermoelectric Materials
3.2 Influence of Carrier Concentration on the Properties of Semiconductors
3.3 Optimization of Electronic Properties
3.4 Minimizing Thermal Conductivity
3.5 Anisotropic Thermoelements
3.6 Thermoelectric Cooling at Very Low Temperatures

4 Measurement and Characterization
4.1 Electrical Conductivity
4.2 Seebeck Coefficient
4.3 Thermal Conductivity
4.4 Figure of Merit
4.5 Thermogalvanomagnetic Effects

5 Review of Established Materials and Devices
5.1 Group V2-VI3
5.2 Elements of Group V and Their Alloys
5.3 Materials for Thermoelectric Generators
5.4 Production of Materials
5.5 Design of Modules

6 The Phonon-Glass Electron-Crystal Approach
to Thermoelectric Materials Research
6.1 Requirements for Good Thermoelectric Materials and the PGEC Approach
6.2 The Skutterudite Material System
6.3 Clathrate Compounds

7 Complex Chalcogenide Structures
7.1 Introduction
7.2 New Materials with Potential for Thermoelectric Applications
7.3 Pentatelluride Compounds
7.4 TI2SnTe5 and TI2GeTe5

8 Low-Dimensional Thermoelectric Materials
8.1 Fine-Grained Si-Ge and Thin-Film Bi
8.2 Survey of Size Effects
8.3 Experimental Structures
8.4 Practical Considerations
8.5 Summary

9 Thermionic Refrigeration
9.1 The Vacuum Diode
9.2 Solid-State Thermionic Devices

Subject Index

Available in both Hardcover and Kindle editions…

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