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More Hot Air
More Hot Air

by Tony Kordyban
Publisher: ASME
300 pages

From the publisher:

" More Hot Air is the long-awaited sequel to the author's previous ASME
Press book, Hot Air Rises and Heat Sinks: Everything You Know About
Cooling Electronics Is Wrong.

This new book continues in the same humorous and easy-to-read style of
the earlier book, with all-new, original case studies in the field of
electronics cooling. Each case study, told as an anecdote, is designed
to teach a basic concept of heat transfer, as applied to keeping
electronics from overheating.

Because of the constantly shrinking size of electronics, the job of
cooling electronics continues to get tougher. Many people not trained
in the basics of heat transfer have been roped into doing this job out
of necessity. For those who lack any formal training in heat transfer,
the case studies explode many of the myths about cooling electronics
and replace these flawed practices with sound engineering, based on
actual heat transfer theory.

The case studies and humor in this book are also entertaining to those
well versed in electronics cooling. A must-read book for all engineers
and their managers concerned with electronics packaging."

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