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If you're at all serious about thermoelectricity then the
CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics is a must. This 700-page
text is up-to-date and quite thorough (see the Table of Contents
reproduced below.) Coverage includes TE cooler and generator theory,
design, construction, testing, and application.

CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics
David M. Rowe, editor.
Published by CRC Press.
700 pages, Hardcover.

Image of CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics

Table of Contents

 1 Introduction

SECTION A  General Principles and Theoretical Considerations
 2 Thermoelectric Phenomena
 3 Conversion Efficiency and Figure-of-Merit
 4 Thermoelectric Transport Theory
 5 Optimization of Carrier Concentration
 6 Minimizing the Thermal Conductivity
 7 Selective Carrier Scattering in Thermoelectric Materials
 8 Thermomagnetic Phenomena

SECTION B  Material Preparation
 9 Preparation of Thermoelectric Materials from Melts
10 Powder Metallurgy Techniques
11 PIES Method of Preparing Bismuth Alloys
12 Preparation of Thermoelectric Materials by Mechanical Alloying 
13 Preparation of Thermoelectric Films 

SECTION C  Measurement of Thermoelectric Properties
14 Calculation of Peltier Device Performance 
15 Measurements of Electrical Properties
16 Measurement of Thermal Properties
17 Z-Meters
18 Methodology for Testing Thermoelectric Materials and Devices

SECTION D  Thermoelectric Materials
19 Bismuth Telluride, Antimony Telluride, and Their Solid Solutions
20 Valence Band Structure and the Thermoelectric Figure-of-Merit of
   (Bi1-xSbx)Te3 Crystals
21 Lead Telluride and Its Alloys
22 Properties of the General Tags System
23 Thermoelectric Properties of Silicides
24 Polycrystalline Iron Disilicide as a Thermoelectric Generator Material
25 Thermoelectric Properties of Anisotropic MnSi1.75
26 Low Carrier Mobility Materials for Thermoelectric Applications
27 Semimetals as Materials for Thermoelectric Generators
28 Silicon Germanium
29 Rare Earth Compounds
30 Thermoelectric Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors
31 Boron Carbides
32 Thermoelectric Properties of Metallic Materials
33 Neutron Irradiation Damage in SiGe Alloys
34 New Materials and Performance Limits for Thermoelectric Cooling

SECTION E  Thermoelectric Generation
35 Miniature Semiconductor Thermoelectric Devices
36 Commercially Available Generators
37 Modular RTG Technology
38 Peltier Devices as Generators
39 Calculations of Generator Performance

SECTION F  Generator Applications
40 Terrestrial Applications of Thermoelectric Generators
41 Space Applications
42 SP-100 Space Subsystems
43 Safety Aspects of Thermoelectrics in Space
44 Low-Temperature Heat Conversion

SECTION G  Thermoelectric Refrigeration
45 Introduction
46 Module Design and Fabrication
47 Cooling Thermoelements with Superconducting Leg

SECTION H  Applications of Thermoelectric Cooling
48 Introduction
49 Commercial Peltier Modules
50 Thermoelectrically Cooled Radiation Detectors
51 Reliability of Peltier Coolers in Fiber-Optic Laser Packages
52 Laboratory Equipment
53 Large-Scale Cooling: Integrated Thermoelectric Element Technology
54 Medium-Scale Cooling: Thermoelectric Module Technology
55 Modeling of Thermoelectric Cooling Systems


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